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Termite inspections


Many people fail to realise, until it's too late, the extensive amounts of damage that termites cause to your home. Since they remain concealed in the wood and enter your home through underground leads, it is often not until the damage is extensive, and timbers collapse, that you realise you have a problem.

Termites cause severe structural damage to wood and other cellulose-based products. They are very destructive, resilient and almost impossible to kill without professional support. If you own a home or commercial building in the area, termite prevention and removal can save you tens of thousands of dollars in future home foundation repairs.

Termite Protection & Pre-purchase Inspections


An extensive Australian standard (AS 3660-1993 Protection of buildings from subterranean termites) deals with protecting homes from termite attack.

The Australian standard provides guidelines for homeowners, builders and pest controllers regarding termite control and prevention.

The Building Code of Australia, which is administered by local government authorities, requires that various measures be taken when your home or commercial building is built. We can assist with those measures, while we also provide routine termite inspection services to clients on the Gold Coast.
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Regular Termite Inspections


The Australian Building Regulations Advisory Committee recommend inspections at least once every 12 months. Natraspray will perform this inspection for you. We recommend six-month inspections for businesses, apartment complexes and other such buildings. Homeowners should be fine with an annual inspection, as it still gives plenty of time to remove any recent termite infestation with minimal damage to the property.

One of our fully qualified termite technicians will perform a thorough survey of your property. After the completion of the inspection, we provide you with an eight-page report detailing the results of his inspection. Appropriate recommendations on treatment and measures are listed, should we find any evidence of a termite infestation.

If you find any evidence of termites, damaged timber or mud workings, then contact us immediately. Do not disturb the workings in any way.

Any property owner should hire Natraspray Pest Control for the best and most affordable termite inspections in the area.
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Termite Prevention Tips


  • Always follow the guidelines and recommendations issued by your builder and termite inspector.
  • A termite barrier abutting the perimeter walls of your home is a critical step in protecting your home. You must avoid disturbing this barrier. If you have not had this barrier applied yet, then your home remains fully exposed to future destruction by termites.
  • With suspended floor homes, any material that may be conducive to termite infestation, including any formwork, timber, tree stumps and similar materials must be kept out of the subfloor and away from the external walls of your home.
  • Ensure that termite shielding is not damaged or breached in any way. Termite shields do not prevent termite entry, but they force termites out into the open so as they can be detected by inspection.
  • Ensure leaking taps, showers or pipes under the home or adjacent to it are immediately repaired to reduce moisture levels in the subfloor.
  • Do not block vents to subfloor areas. These keep the subfloor dry, so termites are not attracted to the area.
  • Do not use untreated timbers to form garden beds or retaining walls, as these will attract termites.
Termite prevention — Pest Control Service in Terranora, NSW