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No one likes pests getting into their house or commercial building. If you own a residential or commercial property, you will be happy to know that we provide safe and effective pest control services in the area. Not only do we comprehensively remove pests from your property, but our services are very efficient and affordable.

Our pest control services include treatments for rodents, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, silverfish, ants, wasps, bed bugs, bees, rodents and more. Our friendly staff are only too happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your pest problem.



There are six species of cockroaches that have made their way to Australia in the past couple of centuries. These cockroaches are not only disgusting when you come into contact with them at your home or business, but they can be a health and sanitary hazard if left unchecked. Hire Natraspray Pest Control for safe and immediate removal of all roaches in your property.
Cockroach on a wood — Pest Control Service in Terranora, NSW



When we have treated your home for ants, we can eliminate the majority of them, but we cannot guarantee total elimination due to the nature of the insect, therefore, expect to see a few from time to time. We might be able to control one ant nest but think how many nests are around your home, controlling them all is almost impossible at present. The good news is that we can ensure almost complete removal of ants from your property while recommending strategies to handle future issues that present themselves.
Ants — Pest Control Service in Terranora, NSW



Fleas are not only attracted to pets, but they can pose a problem for people living and working on your property. When we spray for fleas, we kill all the adult fleas. However, any flea eggs present will continue to hatch over this period. Once they come in contact with our product, they will begin to die. When a flea problem exists within your home or business, contact us for the fastest and safest elimination of these pests.
Flea — Pest Control Service in Terranora, NSW



While spiders are mostly harmful, there are some dangerous spider species that are native to the Gold Coast area. If you notice a large spider or many spider webs on your property, it may be advisable for you to hire us to have them removed. We can either find the spider and safely remove it from the property or kill it on the spot.
Spider — Pest Control Service in Terranora, NSW

Bed bugs


Bed bugs are small, elusive and parasitic insects of the family Cimicidae. They live strictly by feeding on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded animals. Bed bugs are mainly active at night and are capable of feeding unnoticed on their hosts.

If you notice blood on your pillow or a dead bed bug on the floor, you may have a problem. Contact us and we will ensure that bed bugs are a thing of the past. We can also recommend steps you can take to safeguard your furniture and bedding from bed bugs.
Bed Bug — Pest Control Service in Terranora, NSW



Rats can be a serious issue if you own an older commercial property or house in the area. Not only do they constantly hunt for scraps of food, but they can hide in the toughest to find corners of the property, which means that you will have a tough time removing them. Luckily, we have safe and reliable methods for doing just that!
Rat — Pest Control Service in Terranora, NSW



Mice can at times be harmful rodents, causing structural damage and spreading diseases through their parasites and feces. If you notice a mouse roaming around your property or there are mice droppings present, it is imperative that you call Natraspray Pest Control. Do not bother setting DIY traps when we can come in, do a thorough inspection and remove the mice from your property.
Mouse — Pest Control Service in Terranora, NSW