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Natraspray Pest Control is the company to trust when you are purchasing a building, constructing a property or requiring routine inspections to ensure that you are termite and pest free. There is no need to hire one company for a pre-purchase building inspection and another for a pest inspection. We have the licenses, qualifications, equipment and experience necessary to do both, which saves you time and money. We perform building and pest inspections that will determine the safety and condition of the inside and outside of your property. Whether you are purchasing a home, commercial building or other kind of property, it is imperative that you have inspections done. We can provide you with the knowledge and peace of mind that everything is okay with your building. If there are any problems, you will know that Natraspray Pest Control can handle them with ease.

Thanks to our vast experience and knowledge about the Gold Coast area, our inspectors can provide you with detailed and informative reports about the property in question. We have no biases or links to real estate agents or significant property owners in the area. It means that you can trust that we will deliver an objective, truthful and detailed report on the state of your building and any pest issues that you may want to know about before you finalise your investment. We are fully licensed and qualified to perform these building and pest controls, which means that you can trust our results at 100 per cent. Our inspections have provided peace of mind and vital information to property buyers and sellers for decades.

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Trained Professionals

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Make a Sound Investment

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