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Natraspray Pest Control was established in 1987 to assist domestic and commercial clients with their pest control problems.

It’s development as a natural pest control service was prompted by the growing concern of people regarding the effects that traditional pest control methods were having on their health and environment. Pesticides that affect insects have traditionally been hazardous to people.

Our clients would notice rodents, ants, roaches or other bugs on their property. The pest control company would successfully remove the pests, but our clients experienced a foul smell and adverse health effects in the days and weeks after that treatment. Due to the concerns about how these chemicals might affect your health, or that of your children, pets, or the environment, scientists have conducted extensive research to find better solutions to controlling pests.

Our work is the result of that testing. We use 100 per cent safe and effective pest control methods that will ensure your home or commercial location is not only pest-free but is a place where pets and children can roam without worry.


No mess. No smell. No stains. No need to vacate & no need to worry!


Natraspray's range of home and garden pest control services have now spread throughout Queensland and New South Wales. With a total team of 26 licensed operators (7 on the Gold & Tweed Coast), we pride ourselves on the quality of work and service we offer. Pride in the work performed, excellent backup service and competitive pricing has ensured Natraspray’s success and its rapid growth as a pest control company over the past years.
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Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the pest control and termite services that Natraspray Pest Control offers on the Gold Coast.

How often should my home be inspected for pests?

If you are concerned about the presence of termites or pests on your property, we recommend an annual inspection to ease your mind. One year is enough time that if we do notice termites in some part of your home, we can remove them without any permanent damage to your foundation.

Is your treatment safe for children and pets?


Is it possible to perform DIY termite removal?


Will we have to evacuate the property for termite or pest control work?